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Road to
Arena Jiexpo Kemayoran
October 29 - 30, 2016
Total prize
IDR 300 Million


The JIExpo Criterium is an international circuit cycling race that is being held at Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, the largest exhibition venue in Indonesia. Coupled with a bike and lifestyle festival, it is the first experience of its kind in this country. The UCI-compliant racing track is brand-new, with completely repaved tarmac especially for this event. With an expected turnout of 1,500-2,000 cyclists over two days, it may also be one of Indonesia's biggest cycling events. Each year, JIExpo Criterium present world-class cyclist and professional cyclist, both local and international... Read More

Latest News

  • JIExpo Criterium Siap Hibur Akhir Pekan Warga Jakarta
    Publish : 2016-10-26
    Pada era modern ini sepeda seakan menjadi alat transportasi yang sedikit diabaikan oleh masyarakat. Secara umum, sepeda lebih praktis digunakan dan merupakan salah satu alat transportasi yan...
  • JIExpo Criterium 2016 Bukan Hanya Ajang Balap Sepeda
    Publish : 2016-09-02
    KEMAYORAN – Selain diisi oleh kompetisi balap sepeda, JIExpo Criterium 2016 juga akan diisi berbagai kegiatan hiburan dan festival bertema ‘Gaya Hidup Bersepeda’.Even akan melibatkan berbagai...
  • JIExpo Criterium 2016 Kembali Digelar
    Publish : 2016-09-02
    KEMAYORAN - PT Jakarta Internasional Expo (JIExpo) kembali menggelar event balap sepeda bertaraf internasional bertajuk ‘JIExpo Criterium 2016’. Acara akan berlangsung dari 29 September 2016-30...

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